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stellar girl who has never yet reached the sky. But is reached by the God above. I'm Stel. Immortally ruined by philosophy and cracked continuously to share experiences that are worthless of treasures.

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When Im depressed..

Never over think about stuff that let you down.
Eat a lot.
Pray to Him. It will lift up your spirits and youll be in great shape again.

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Playing with my heart is like playing with fire, baby. So don’t you ever fool me.

(Source: neonicbond)

I like my words laced with metaphors. You come out mysterious, plus no one can understand the actual deep meaning of your post.


This is how Jesus loves us.

He really loves us. So much.

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Yung kalog na conservative.


May kilala akong ganito. Haha..!! gyfveneth!! Haha diba Gee? Ehem ehem!!

Adik to! Haha!

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Anonymous asked: Paano kung yung mahal mo, may mahal ng iba tapos yung mahal niya mahal ako? Paano na? :(

I don’t know what to say, nonnie. I’m sorry. And I’m a bit confused by your explanation. :( But consult God if you may. You might feel better.

- Love, Stel

Anonymous asked: Hi, Stel. You're pretty. Not in the outside cause I've never seen your face. But you're pretty inside. :)

Thank you. Let’s talk often, nonnie. I know we’ll be great friends. :)

- Love, Stel

neonicbond asked: Potahamnida! Ang gwapo ko talaga. Ba't kasi sampu ang abs ko? Kainlab no? Hahaha..

Ayan Nee, buking ka na. -__-” Sabi na private convo eh, pinupush mo akong ipakita sa mundo kung gaano kaHANGIN ang private convo natin eh. 

- Love, Stel

Anonymous asked: Crush kita haha kinikilig na yan haha..-Nee (para sure na ipupub mo kapag nakanonnie.. Wag mo idelete! Ikikiss kita..)

Ahh! Anong kulay ang gusto mong kabaong? -__-” nang maihanda ko na! HANGIN! at talagang nagnonnie ka pa.

- Love, Stel

                                             Would you?


                                             Would you?