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A stellar girl who has never yet reached the sky. But is reached by the God above. I'm Stel. Immortally ruined by philosophy and cracked continuously to share experiences that are worthless of treasures.

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Anonymous: OMMMMMMYYYYYGOOOOOOD! NagUPCAT ka rin? Magkaparehas tayo ng sched at place. Sayang di ko alam itsura mo, we could have met!

OMG nga. Sayang. We could have been friends. What’s your name? :) Can you show yourself? Let’s talk? :) How’s your take in UPCAT?

- Love, Stel

Posted 1 week ago

Anonymous: Miss na kita.

Whoever you are, sorry I made you miss me. Sorry for running in your mind and making you feel lonely. Sorry for letting yourself think about me. Sorry and I kinda miss me too.

- Love, Stel

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OMYGOSH. I haven’t completed The Prince and The Guard and I haven’t read The One, and Cass announced that there will be The Queen and The Favorite and The Heir, I can see my money slipping away from my wallet.

Posted 1 week ago

UPCAT experience.

UPCAT is awesome. I thought it was something so scary. I am proud to say that I have overcome the challenge of having to face this admission test. First of all, I want to thank God for his presence, I felt that he was really there for me. So my UPCAT experience? GREAT. Even though our schedule was in the morning. It was quite enjoyable. When me and my classmates went there, everyone was serious and we were the only ones with a smile on our faces so it was definitely awkward and weird at the same time. I mean hello? Lighten up a bit. Kiddin’ I know UPCAT is a nerve wrecker. And might I say. The proctors are such a tease with time! My gosh! There was also this UPCAT examiner who kept making my heart pound out of my chest because he would suddenly speak on the mic and tell us to stop, geesh. I even literally jumped at my seat. And because I have a lot of pencils all of them came swarming down the floor. Ugh, time’s wasted! Huhu. But all in all I finished the exam. Mind you, math was easier than science. Really. UPCAT is a very great memory to me. I made many embarrassing moments during exam period. Like, almost falling off my chair, eating very loudly and being glared at by my seatmate. Being separated from my classmates which caused me to receive a glare from a proctor because I would always look at them, raising my hand to go to the comfort room for the second time, everyone was looking at me and in the end no proctor came to me. Staring contest with 4’o clock seatmate. Then tripping in the bathroom in my first time. Not passing my attendance sheet to my left. Making my eraser fall four times and picking it up while still gluing my butt in my chair. Mind you, my seat is beside the hallway of the proctors. To sum it all up, GREAT.

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August 15, 2014

UPCAT tomorrow. And to be honest, I don’t feel nervous or pressured at all. I feel like any ordinary day will come. So before UPCAT day. We went to the testing center. It was very overwhelming. I really am fond with first times. It just opens up my mind to a new chapter, I’m beginning to feel that it will be the next big step in my life. I feel so lucky to be able to take the UPCAT, Thank You Lord. So, beforehand, Sir Tandoc, our ever supportive guide for taking UPCAT brought us there. So after we went inside the testing center. You won’t believe this but I have entered a library. My very first time entering a city library. And it was haven for us, meaning me, Aryan and of course Rej. After that wondrous event. We went to a pigar-pigar carinderia. It was delish! I ate two cups of rice and *guess* spoonful of pigar-pigar. So after that, we decided to commute which ended up going to Lucao, just for the sake of books, yes, National book store. Me and Rej literally ran towards the book store just to get our hearts broken by being broke. Haha. I love you Rej. (Whoah! Nakailang mention ka na rito. Haha!) Good luck and God bless sa Sunday Rej. Okay, then this day ended with sleep conquering me.

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Sunday Itinerary Part II. (August 10, 2014)

We were supposed to go home after checking the testing center, but we had another schedule going on in our heads so we decided to go to Robinsons to support our schoolmate (and one of my bestfriends) Aryan on her pageant. We screamed until our vocal chords ached, it payed off actually because she was first place in the talent portion, finals will be on Aug. 17 so those who are near Calasiao, please support her! Haha. But when we got there the pageant didn’t start yet so we went to Quantum (due to an unfortunate event that led us there, whilst riding a tricycle to our testing center Andrew received a token as change. So he used them, so win win.) So I kind of indirectly challenged Andrew in the basketball game. I got 304 but it didn’t match with his 430 score. Oh, well, it was an enjoyable Sunday because finally I watched Lucy because my parents and I met in Robinsons, so I urged them to watch a movie. Thank you Lord for that wonderful day.

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Sunday Itinerary Part I. (August 10, 2014)

So we went to Manaoag to attend the mass and to bless our pencils, eraser and handkerchief for our upcoming UPCAT. It was my first time to commute without the guide of my parents or any guardian. So it was a self-fulfillment, I am happy that this occurred to me. My favorite place in the church was the inside of it and the musuem. It was a blast to be with my schoolmates. So after we went to Manaoag, we went to Dagupan to check our testing center which looked like a library.

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Actually, this is a very late post due to stress from school. But I am proud to say that I have successfully baked a donut. Happy kiddo!

Actually, this is a very late post due to stress from school. But I am proud to say that I have successfully baked a donut. Happy kiddo!

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One minute. I’m waiting for 11:11 because I want to hope. It won’t hurt to try to get something out of a simple belief, because it gives us something to hold on. Being childish makes us giddy. And that’s what I like to be. Happy.

Posted 3 weeks ago

What if tumblr was anonymous? No blogger will ever know how many hearts they have received and they will never know how many have followed them. It would be a worry-free blogging site. You wouldn’t get sad over losing some followers, you would just be happy by just simply blogging. You will be happy without any worries. You’ll be free with whatever you want to write. You’ll be yourself. You won’t get cautious even if someone you know will follow you cause you won’t know. They’ll be anonymous. Because all these numbers will mess you, and will also stop you from going all out.

Posted 3 weeks ago

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