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A stellar girl who has never yet reached the sky. But is reached by the God above. I'm Stel. Immortally ruined by philosophy and cracked continuously to share experiences that are worthless of treasures.

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When Im depressed..

Never over think about stuff that let you down.
Eat a lot.
Pray to Him. It will lift up your spirits and youll be in great shape again.

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They’re every bookworm’s blessing. Books are substantial to us. You stand in front of a bookstore and you feel nostalgic and jubilant, then you walk inside through the glass door opening the portal leading to a billion lives that are left untold. Every book has a person waiting for you to know them. Finding the perfect book is like finding a friend that you haven’t seen since first grade. It’s so magical that when we stand in front of a shelf and stroke the edge of that magical friend you feel something shaking the wit out of your system and you know that by just that touch you have met your soulmate.

Last week’s summary.

It was my first time attending the UPCAT review that our school’s offering which was held by two of our school’s alumni who passed the UPCAT, despite my hardcore belief about not having to attend review centers or such, I can now call myself a complete hypocrite. I will definitely be a future Thomasian, it may come as an insult that I attended the UPCAT review for USTET but I will also take UPCAT, my original plan was to take the entrance exams of the four top universities, but I will just take two. So back to why the pictures up there are like that is because my besties and I found our perfect sanctuary! It was comfortable because it wasn’t crowdy, it’s perfect for us, it might be a bit pricey but we enjoyed the ambience and the sticky notes on the wall. It was kind of cool to read the notes there, especially the note by Jim.

P.S. The green apple cinnamon fruit tea is such a spark! I love it.

Sadnees creeps slowly in your heart, hugging it tightly until it suffocates. That is the work of pain.

Why is it that everyone wants to bloom out of love? Why not from respect or independence for once self? Why is it that people yearn for independence when they are dependent? Yearn for pain instead of gain? Why? I just don’t get the idea why people would risk so much when they know that someday they’ll have it? Why would they hurt their selves more than it should be? I just… somehow pity them yet envy the happiness they have for being a fool.

Anonymous asked: How are you today? 7/20/14 10:00

I’m okay, just plain okay, I guess. How are you today, nonnie? 07/24/14 7:36 pm

- Love, Stel

pengepagibig asked: Cheer-up, bebe! Andito kaming mga friends mo! :*

Aww. Natouch ako Czar! :) Thank you. Love you, hihi!

- Love, Stel

Anonymous asked: miss! alam mo bang miss na miss na po kita :<

Whoever you are in this vast world, you somehow made my gloomy day, not gloomy after all. Thank you. :) (I think I know who are? I guess?)

- Love, Stel

The drifting away makes me sad. I’m so speechless nowadays I think I’m stoned. I feel very very empty and depressed. I just want to bawl my eyes out and clutch this pain from my chest. It’s aching so much, I want to make it stop but I don’t know how. I don’t know where to start or to end, I don’t even think I’m between knowing the solutions to everything. Whenever I think of what may happen, it saddens me and makes me weaker. I really don’t like feeling this way. I don’t like being weak and helpless. I’m, I don’t know. I just really don’t know. I’m blacked out from positivity, the negative things are eating me bit by bit.

The game is finally over.
That’s it! Exams are finally done, and I think we did great (Thank you, God) I’m hoping that I can still be on top. Realizing that Physics and Trigonometry are really not compatible with me. I mean they couldn’t adjust to the likes of me. Their lost. There I go again, being silly when I’m not even a bit funny. Nevermind, just a little bit more, and I’m definitely gonna be a proud Thomasian. Hihi. Have a good day everyone. God bless!

A book suggests that we are on a mysterious journey towards somewhere.