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A stellar girl who has never yet reached the sky. But is reached by the God above. I'm Stel. Immortally ruined by philosophy and cracked continuously to share experiences that are worthless of treasures.

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  • Friend: Do you still like him?
  • Her: I just realized now, at this very moment that I don't like him anymore, i don't love him either. I'm glad i have finally move on. I already accepted everything. I already woke up with the verdict moment of my life. I just realized that he's not really meant for me and that i am not the right one for him. I am glad i've met a very great person like him. I admit that he is somehow made a big impact in my life and that he will always be a part of my life. What he is to me right now is just a friend, a special one that i will treasure for the rest of my life. And i am so happy i already let go of my feelings for him. I want to thank him for everything for making me feel this way. I have move on and i will keep on moving forward. :)

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To Anonymous 00,

Thank you for all you encouragements, and for the weird questions which I cannot seem to answer because of some private reasons. And thank you for filling my ask box. I know I am absolutely unique, no need to tell me that. Okay, I’m kiddin’ I know I think you know you know me but I won’t let you think I am who you think I am. Which you obviously see, yeah, I’m confusing you. I just wanted to sum all my words up in this post from yours truly, of course. A gargantuan thanks for you, from me. I know I can be boring at times. Oh, and thank you for also creating a dummy account just so you could fake reveal yourself. It’s cool if you don’t want to reveal yourself. I know you have reasons. I just want to say you are awesome and I am again, thanking you. Thank you.

P.S. You should stop using the word florting. It’s making my tummy hurt from all the laughing. You and your words, gal.

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Momentum Memory 53/∞

October 12, 2014

Maligayang kaarawan Daddy! I love you so much. I’m so sorry if I have to write this here, ‘cause your daughter here is too shy to face you right now. But I hope you still remember the promise that I made when I was in Grade six. ‘Cause I still remember it. You know what? You’re the coolest and most awesomest dad that ever existed in the whole universe, the world, in history and in the future. I love you, daddy. The words that I am about to unravel are understatements to what I truly feel. You are my inspiration. Despite the hardships that our family deals with. You always remind us that the world isn’t all flowery and kind. That we have to stand up for ourselves. Daddy, I and we love you. Daddy, I’m sorry and I’m very thankful. I love you, I love you, I love you! You can never be replaced. No man can reach the standard that you have. I want to make you and mom proud. I want to be the one who’ll paint a smile on your faces. Sorry for the creases that I put, sorry for the drops that I give. I hope I can prove that I’ll be worth your hardships. I know that sometimes you can’t give me the things that I want, but I’m thankful for that because it taught me how to get the things that I want on my own. I learned to be independent because of you. I want to be like you but with of course with my set of dreams and goals. I love you, daddy. I thank God for your existence.

P.S. Sorry for some irrelevant photos.
P.P.S. Thank you daddy for the invisible bookshelf and the chance to take the USTET. The jacket, okay, the photos are all relevant.

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Momentum Memory 52/∞

Immersion 2014. For seven saturdays, us seniors are obliged to go in a remote area to help. In my point of view, I am absolutely in awe when I always recall the previous saturdays (two) especially the first one. Besides doing household chores, which I’m used to because I’ve experienced a lot of unusual things since I grew up in a perya; like living in a small kubo, eating small portion of food, taking a bath in a small area where you have to collect water in a well, etc. I’m a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid, I remembered the days that I would take a bathe in the rain, nude. And sometimes we would climb in railings then we’ll come home full of ‘grasa’ and we smell like gasoline. So this immersion relived a lot of memories. I am so jubilant to attend these saturdays. I hope my mom would allow me to attend the other saturdays. Because it really is nostalgic and fulfilling when you are helping someone, also we made new ties between the families there. I’m so thankful for this adventure. I’ve learnt a lot; from making a plate, appreciating nature and the lots.

P.S. Yes, I made the twig plate and I’ve become a conductor sa jeep. It was very fun.

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I am feeling overwhelmed right now. Today was USTET in our province’s date. Well in fact, I’m gonna take the USTET on December, I feel nervous. I just realized that a lot of people are also dreaming of going into that special university, and sometimes I wish that I could somehow become so smart on that specific day ‘cause I really want to study there. I will absolutely do my best. I just can’t picture myself with another university. I just can’t find it in myself to give up that school. I am one hell of a wreck right now.

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Anonymous: How are you today?

I am not actually fine. My whole body is aching like someone has hit me with an asteroid. How are you too?

- Love, Stel

Posted 2 weeks ago

Anonymous: is that so? Then i guess di na kita tatawaging ma'am.. but i really think i know you.. -00

Sa awa ng Diyos sana mali ang hinala mo. :D HAHA.

- Love, Stel

Posted 3 weeks ago

Anonymous: Well, actually favorite ko ang history, :)) so i think we'll get along ma'am -00

Haha. Really? I like it too. Just the medieval part. Please don’t call me ma’am. I’m too young. :)

- Love, Stel

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Momentum Memory 51/∞

It’s been a week since I’ve posted something. My pictures are so gloomy because I myself feel it. I’ve realized that so many things have changed and I still can’t seem to accept every bit of it. Yet, it’s constant. It’s inevitable. It’s so powerful.

"Change will always be constant. We change because we’re alive. We change because we grow. To hope that everything will stay constant forever is to hope for its death. Because dead things won’t change. And we are not dead. Everything will change."

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Anonymous: Pwede magconfine sau ate? So ganito yan I have this friend na mabait naman and nabalitaan ko na nasisira na nang unti onti ang buhay niya dahil lang nagkabf siya so syempre as a friend ano ang magagawa ko para medyo maging maayos siya i mean matulungan ko siya without offending her? She loves the guy so much :( lalaki po ako :)

TBH. You have no say when a person is deeply in love. A person is farther from their normal state. You can talk to her and open things, do not hesitate. It might knock your friend some sense. Help her too. When your friend is struggling, tell your friend that you’ll be there. Tell your friend that. All you can do is be there for your friend. It’s her choice that makes or breaks her. Guide her, too. Be honest when needed. :) God bless.

- Love, Stel

Posted 1 month ago

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