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A stellar girl who has never yet reached the sky. But is reached by the God above. I'm Stel. Immortally ruined by philosophy and cracked continuously to share experiences that are worthless of treasures.

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Be Positive
Confide in God


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Anonymous: is that so? Then i guess di na kita tatawaging ma'am.. but i really think i know you.. -00

Sa awa ng Diyos sana mali ang hinala mo. :D HAHA.

- Love, Stel

Posted 1 day ago

Anonymous: Well, actually favorite ko ang history, :)) so i think we'll get along ma'am -00

Haha. Really? I like it too. Just the medieval part. Please don’t call me ma’am. I’m too young. :)

- Love, Stel

Posted 3 days ago

Momentum Memory 51/∞

It’s been a week since I’ve posted something. My pictures are so gloomy because I myself feel it. I’ve realized that so many things have changed and I still can’t seem to accept every bit of it. Yet, it’s constant. It’s inevitable. It’s so powerful.

"Change will always be constant. We change because we’re alive. We change because we grow. To hope that everything will stay constant forever is to hope for its death. Because dead things won’t change. And we are not dead. Everything will change."

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Anonymous: Pwede magconfine sau ate? So ganito yan I have this friend na mabait naman and nabalitaan ko na nasisira na nang unti onti ang buhay niya dahil lang nagkabf siya so syempre as a friend ano ang magagawa ko para medyo maging maayos siya i mean matulungan ko siya without offending her? She loves the guy so much :( lalaki po ako :)

TBH. You have no say when a person is deeply in love. A person is farther from their normal state. You can talk to her and open things, do not hesitate. It might knock your friend some sense. Help her too. When your friend is struggling, tell your friend that you’ll be there. Tell your friend that. All you can do is be there for your friend. It’s her choice that makes or breaks her. Guide her, too. Be honest when needed. :) God bless.

- Love, Stel

Posted 1 week ago

Momentum Memory 50/∞

Days are gone and now we’ve shown. It’s been hell week for us Seniors of GCS. Honestly phrasing, I am in a duel with myself. I have been yearning for something impossible, and that is to rest and think about nothing. I miss Junior days, I could not imagine the life we are having as a senior student. Ugh.

•I love my lips here. I wish I could kiss myself. Kiddin’ but still, I would if I can. Haha!

•I really adore her chinita eyes. Hi Gray! Thank you for your eyes’ presence.

•I cannot see clearly, I’m like blind when I don’t wear my glasses or contacts. I bump into anything, when I mean anything, I mean it.

•Four essential things to have in life: Happiness, Love, Peace and Courage.

•I am a fallen angel sent from above, to serve the Lord and take in the body of a human, to live life out of His will.

•Native Delicacies while practicing for “Cupid and Psyche” (Role play in English literature)

•Yellow rose equals happiness. :)

•Collecting Momentum Memories. Because memories last forever.

•Aglet: Tie a knot on your finger and you are remembered of what you try not to forget.

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Momentum Memory 49/∞


It’s a very knowledgeable day today, because we had our seminar about journalism, I enjoyed the topic about Photojournalism and Broadcasting, because it was informative and entertaining. Writing, it’s my second love aside from reading. So this day brought my mind to a new dimension. After the seminar, Arianne, Kyla and I went to the gym and- uh, rolled there. Yes, we roll raced until we can reach the lever arm of the gym. Sigh, best friends.
Sorry I’m not enthusiastic today. So tired.

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Ways to achieve Momentum Memories

ㅁ Finish this list.
ㅁ Own a Typewriter
ㅁ Read books until my last breath.
✔️Be a model, even for just one day.
ㅁ Create a Senbazuru. (1000 folded cranes) and make a wish.
ㅁ Purchase my dream car.
ㅁ Learn how to drive.
ㅁ Make a cake jar.
ㅁ Decorate my own room.
ㅁ Make my parents proud.
ㅁ Gather courage to take the USTET.
ㅁ Pass the USTET.
ㅁ Enroll and study in UST.
ㅁ Finish college with flying colors.
ㅁ Get a job that I definitely love.
ㅁ Be normal for once.
ㅁ Play/Stay under the rain.
ㅁ Go to Italy, New York, Japan and South Korea.
ㅁ Sit down in the floor while in the middle of a crowded area.
ㅁ Tell a secret to a passerby/stranger.
ㅁ Do a good deed during my birthday.
ㅁ Meet a new friend.
ㅁ Shout “I survived the end of the world!” at the Manila bay.
ㅁ Create my own dream house. Must have own house when I have a job.
ㅁ Go to a party that will blow your mind.
ㅁ Post a video in the internet about how life has taken a toll on you.
ㅁ Be contented.
ㅁ Add more to this list so your life won’t be boring as before. Be determined.

Posted 2 weeks ago

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Every on of us deserves to have a listener. It would be just great to have just one person voluntarily show up in front of you and just listen. It would be a joy to me to let someone unravel all of me.

Drama mo, nee. But yeah, we wish.

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Anonymous: Just joking. Nice answer tho but i am willing to meet your acquaintance ma'am. nice blog too. (smile) -00

Don’t mind me, dear stranger. I think I’m not worth your acquaintance, I am as boring as a history book. :) Thank you for your positive statement.

- Love, Stel

Posted 3 weeks ago

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